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How can you make a handmade watch strap

Great video from Baltimore. The Gorilla leather handmade straps in this Video present the high quality of handmade straps and the way how can you make a leather strap.The video is excellent please Enjoy 10pcs/lot 20MM NATO watch strap ...

How can make a Dial For Watch.

Great Video From Japan.In this video you can see how the Brands make the Dials and How can make the final Dial Print.Excellent videoPlease Enjoy

How can you make a Buckle for watch

Great Video From Japan.In this Video you can watch how can you make a Buckle for a Watch.The soldering type is Silver soldering.You need and you must have many tools from Jewellery. Please Enjoy

How can you Trimming & Installing a NATO Leather Strap

In this video you can see how can you Install and Trimming a Nato Strap.NATO straps is the Best for Divers Watch and for all Sports Watch.The most difficult is how to install this Strap.Please Enjoy 20 Pcs Lot NATO Straps Only 20$ with Free Shipping ...

How can you Clean the Watch Parts

In this Video Mark lovick again explain how can we clean the watch Parts from The watch after disassemble.What type of chemicals we must use for this and how much time must keep in the watch Cleaning Machine.Please enjoy

How can you Relume the watch hands

Dear Friends many of the watches after many years the louminous of the hands need to change.The first suspect is the moisture.In the next 3 videos you can find a super Tecnic from Mark Lovick how can you re lume the hands and make it new Again.You ...

Disassembly a Brietling With Valjoux 7750

Great Video Great Quality Great Watchmaker and Great Movement.Valjoux 7750 is one of the greatest Automatic Chronograph Movement.Many Watchmaker must have on the left the Eta Manual to Disassembly a movement like This.Mr Lovick is Great Watchmaker ...

Service A Movement Eta 955.112

A Great Video From Mark Lovick.You can make service a ETA 955.XXX series.This Model from ETA is most used Movment ever From Big Brand name until No name Brands.This Model Used from Tag Heuer Tissot Omega(all the swatch Group ...