What Silicone we Use For the O Ring when we Change the Battery.

The Silicone I use for watch O Rings is the Product of GE BayerSilicones Baysilone Paste.This Silicone is a Soft Silicone but if you want a Hard silicone you can use the Molykote paste.Is much harder and destroy the O ring If you use the watch in sea water many times per year.

Thanks Dimitris

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5 thoughts on “What Silicone we Use For the O Ring when we Change the Battery.”

  1. where can we buy the Bayer Silicones Baysilone Paste ebay Amazon direct
    is there a recommended tool kit for dismantling the Tissot I ha bought cheap before but the tools always break

    1. About the silicone i make a search and really i dident find anything.I am speak with my tools supplier and i am send you a link where can buy it.If my supplier dont use paypal i will make a new post with paypal link to buy it from me.The tools you need is too much.I will make a new post for this because you need tools.