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Tissot T Touch Expert Battery Replacement & calibration

Dear Friends
Hi From Greece.Today i will post and explain how can we replace the Battery on Tissot Touch Expert.You can DIY and the level is Easy.
If you see another one video in my youtube channel about the change battery from Tissot Sea Touch you can see the practice for the repla ememt is same because the movements is really the same.
Many emails ask me to make a video from Tissot Touch Expert and I make it my friends.
The First you must see if the hands is calibrated.
For the example of my video the batt indicator is in warning condition in my Display,But there are many watches loose the calibration without this batt warning.
How can See if the battery is on the end without batt warning.
1)We press the Compass function and if this function dont work means the batt is on the end.And Why that?because the compass function needs more energy from the other Functions.
2)We push the middle button to activate the touch and touch the center of glass until the Opt.We push the middle button again to enter to Options.We Touch again the center until we see the function Sleep and we leave it for 10 sec to activate the sleep mode.
When the Sleep mode activated the display stop working and the hands show exactly 12 o clock.If one hand is not at the 12 o clock,then the Hands need calibration.
Please see The next video.

The Battery Replacement on Tissot Touch Expert

This is the most carefully step on replacememt of the battery.
And you must carefull with the cleaning of the case and the Gasket too.Because many watchmaker play only on the target to replace the battery and close the watch and give it to the customer.
On Everytime you open the watch you must clean with clear Benzin all the parts of the back case and leave it 3 minutes open.
For this Reason first clean the watch and then replace the battery.
When you finish the clean,replace or GHANGE the Gasket again with basylone silicone.(Read a previous post for this Silicone).
And Now is the time of Battery.
The watch have same movement with the Sea Touch and take the same Battery also.The battery is the Cr 2032 and personally i use only Maxwell on 3V lithium Batteries.(I will make a post about the batteries in the next days).
Replace the battery and dont touch any button until close the case.
And why the that.Because when push any button the watch will activate without the sensors.
Please continue and close the clean back case and install all the screws and you are ready.
Please enjoy the next video from my Youtube channell

The third part is the Reset and the Hands calibration or Synchro
In this part the watch must reset like a sea touch video.
You are going to the sleep mode
Middle button>activate the touch>touch the center>and touch until the sleep mode.
When you activate the sleep mode push the + button for 6 sec and the then the compass function.
The display is in the Factory reset and show if all the sensors working and the battery Level and in the last the reset.
When you finish with that you can synchro the hands
The syncronization start again from the middle button for Touch activation and touch the glass center until the mode 24h Cm.
In this Mode push the middle button for 5 sec and you are in synchro.
With + or – button you can set the minutes hand at 12 o clock.
When you finish with the minutes hand touch the center of Glass and now you can set the hours hand with + or -button to the 12 o clock.
When you do that push the middle button again the watch is Ready
Please enjoy the next Video.

Thanks for Coming to my Blog and any comment is acceptable
If your watch have problem with the touch or the sensors
Please dont hesitate to contact with me. Info@watch4maker.com

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Tissot T Touch Repair Disassembly Movement

Dear Friends
This Week I work for a new project video.How can you repair a Tissot T Touch.For me this model of tissot is real joke.The honest think is take back all the T Touch models and change it with Tissot T Touch expert.
I think is the first watch of Touch Serious and Tissot make a real mistake for water resist Test and give for this watch 10 Atm.This Watch is Real open from the back of the movement.If you make a search in Google you can see many people with troubles with Tissot T Touch watches.
In the next posts i show you how can you clean the watch.The mostly watches have a problem with the cirguit and the Glass Tape (Zebra strip)from the cirquit.
The youtube videos have 7 or 8 parts.Now i upload only one photo from the Disassebled movement and from monday i start with the youtube video part by part.

If Your Tissot T Touch have Damaged from Water and the Repair cost in the Swatch Group are very high,you can send it to me to repair it.The cost is 30 euros +( 8 euros The Shipping from Greece to You).If the have Glass Damage or Zebra strip Damage the watch is not for Repair.The Price is Only for Clean and Oil the watch and Clean the Case and the Bracelet.If you want to contact with me email me: info@watch4maker.com



I am Editing this Post after long time i forget my review for the T Touch and About the This Watch is a real Joke and make an exchange program with Touch expert.

I hope Tissot read my Post and make the right Thing for all customers and make the Exchange program.

I respect Tissot because do it all for the customers.

If you read again in tissot offices this Post Again I think the Tissot Seatouch need a Solar Capacitor and a new Design and Beta Tester watches for divers daily Use for 6 Months.



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