Repair A Tissot Seatouch with Error

Hi My Friends Again

Tissot make a very good and Powerful watch But many pieces have problem with Log.This watch after 3 years of use start with Problems.

The family of Divers love of this watch and buy this watch but with this problems the divers come back to Citizen Aqualand and Suunto very Quick.

The cost of the Repair is from Swatch Group Service is 280 euro and many of the customers of tissot leave it unrepairable.

One of that unrepairable watch i try to repair it.The Problem of the watch for my opinion is the Zebrastrip with the Glass and the cirquit.

I remove it and i clean it and the watch working fine 5 days now.

Please Check my Video part 1 and in a few days i will show you the part 2

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