Tissot Sea Touch Sychro-Reset The Hands

In this Video you can see the simple Way how you can Synchronize the Hands after the Battery Replacement.Is very simple and I think this way is for all Tissot Touch Series.
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What Silicone we Use For the O Ring when we Change the Battery.

The Silicone I use for watch O Rings is the Product of GE BayerSilicones Baysilone Paste.This Silicone is a Soft Silicone but if you want a Hard silicone you can use the Molykote paste.Is much harder and destroy the O ring If you use the watch in sea water many times per year.

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Battery Replacement on Tissot SeaTouch

In the First Post I insert a Youtube videos about the Tissot Sea Touch.This Special watch for Divers have some Tips that you make if you want to Change a Battery.

You must Remove the Old Battery and clean Carefully the place of the O Ring with Benzine and Silicone.If the O Ring is Old you must change it.

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Welcome to Watchmakers

Welcome to my Blog
In This Blog you can find info or videos from Youtube about the watchmakers and watch reviews.
In my watch reviews I will search all the net to find the best prices and finally if this watch is in my stock i will make you an offer to buy
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If you dont find a solution with your repair I can try to fix any watch do you want with only 30 euros.
I search all the web and try to find technics from watchmakers.Some Videos is mine,about watches i restore or make service.Anything you want i am ready to help you.


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