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  1. Hello, I have a Tissot T Touch Expert. It seems that the Thermo, Meteo, Altimeter, and Compass functions have stopped working. the watch itself still functions normally. I am hoping there is a fix for these problems, or maybe I can replace the module or sensor board. I would appreciate any advice. Thank you very much,


  2. My ttouch expert watch battery ran down to dead status. I had a jeweler replace the battery but now it just says batt when you hit the middle t button. I held the top button for 10 seconds and touched the screen and it went into service mode where I could cycle through various things. A video I watched showed how to do this and then get to a screen that shows 8888888 and a bunch of stuff. At this point I hit the middle t button but it just goes blank again. Any suggestions? it seems to need a reset.

    1. Hi Myles
      Please check the reset the watch.Touch the glass center until the Open option push the middle button and touch the center until activate the sleep mode.when the sleep mode is activate push the + button for 6 seconds and then touch the 6 oclock function.
      Now you are in the settings.Please push the plus button and see the batt level.If the batt level is 8 you are ok if not maybe the battery is old and the you must replace a new battery again.please continue all the functions and after the 88888888 the watch reset and is ready for work.Please do it and tell me what happened.

  3. The watch is essentially dead… hands are stuck at 12:00. If I press the middle t button it says batt.

    Touching the glass for an extended period doesn’t seem to do anything. If I press the + button for 6 seconds and then the glass it shows the following:
    Bart. L8
    Err 02
    CAL ?
    Then nothing for a couple of button presses
    10314 b (barometric press?)
    27.7 C
    88:888 plus some other stuff.

    When I press the center t button at this point, the screen goes blank. The clock hands don’t move during any of this.

    Thanks for any help. I have read of other people having this problem but no solutions that I have read. Apparently the touch expert doesn’t like having the battery run down completely.

  4. One question about Bayer – Baysilone-Paste – Silicon-Paste is there any equivalent to buy in USA or where can I find in USA?, I tried to search but I couldn’t find it.
    Thank you

    1. Hi from Greece.
      This silicone is product from bayer of Germany.Is little dificult to find but is the best.Please search it on ebay is better.
      Maybe you can find this paste

  5. OK, I got my watch working. The trick is to remove the battery and then press and hold the center T button several times until the “batt” no longer displays. Then when the battery is re-inserted and the watch is put back together, the watch works.
    Now the compass does not seem to be working. Damaged sensor? Where is the compass sensor? Where should I try cleaning the circuits?

  6. Buenas tengo un reloj Tissot Sea Touch y no esta funcionando el cronometro que puedo hacer?
    Gracias por su ayuda

    1. usted me puede escribir el modelo del reloj ??? En muchos relojes Tissot telionei cuando la batería deja de funcionar el chronometro.An quiere enviarme el email

      1. El modelo es Sea Touch T026.420.11.051.00 las otras funciones están bien mi correo es intente mirar el nivel de la batería pero cuando queda en blanco y presionó el botón + por 10 segundos luego toco la parte de abajo y no sale nada continúa el blanco

  7. Hola mi reloj es Tissot Sea Touch T026.420.11.051.00 no le funciona el cronometro y las otras funciones funcionan bien
    Muchas gracias

    1. Entiendo lo que es el modelo, sino porque la traducción hacer con traductor Google no puede entender qué es exactamente lo grafetai.Tha podía ofrecer me reescribir en Inglés con un poco de ayuda.

  8. Kalispera,

    i am interested for a new Tissot T-Touch Expert mechanism, please give me a price for it.



    1. Hi Elias
      I think your name is Greek.
      If you want to find a movement from touch only the swatch group service center can help you,But please tell me what happened and you want to change the movement??

  9. Hello,
    I have a T-Touch II, hope you could help me.
    The only problem that I have is that the Analog hour indicator is not accurate, for example, when the minutes indicator is at 12 and the hour indicator should be al 6, the hour indicator is not at 6, its about 2 or 3 mm behind the 6. So everytime I what to see the hour I get confused. Is there a way to calibrate the shrot arm of the watch?

    1. You need to Synchro the hands.
      Please activate the touch on the glass.Touch the center of the glass until the opt.Then puch the middle button for 5 seconds and you are in sycrho.take the hands at 12 o clock and you are ready your hand is calibrate with the digital watch,

  10. Hello,
    I recently changed the battery in my Tissot Touch Expert and while cleaning the back, I accidentally removed the gel coating covering the sensor. Do you know how I could obtain a new coating to maintain waterproof capabilities?Any help would be appreciated. The service center would not divulge their supplier and said I should send it to them for repair. (Not going to happen)

  11. Hello

    I have a tissot T-Touch but the Thermo, Meteo, Altimeter, and Compass functions have stopped working. the watch itself still functions normally.

    I was watching a video where you disarmed a t-touch and my problem is like a Gary problem and i dont want to disarm without knowing if I can fix it.

    Help me please 😀


    Jose Dimas

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