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Service a citizen Aqualand.

Great video How can you make a service to your Citizen Aqualand.
You must be careful for the Depth sensor conector.In this model the conectors is not a tape.You must clean the case very good before you close it and the 8 screws must close hard because you can loose it.Please enjoy the Videos.
The Videos is 4 parts
  Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Citizen Aqualand JP1060 Service Clean Cirquit Part2

The cleaning of the cirquit has finish and is time to Assembly the movement again.The cirquit is very dificult to install and you are carefull on install.Dont forget the cirquit have 2 screws.The rest is on the video.
Please enjoy.

Citizen Aqualand JP1060 Service Clean Cirquit Part1

Dear Friends
Today i Present you a Video from my youtube channel.In This Video i have a citizen Aqualand have a small circuit Problem.First we must open the watch and remove the Stem.After this with screwdriver remove the Dive sensor connector from the movement.Please carefully remove the movement from the side first of the dive sensor tape and one from the stem.
We remove the Movement from the Aqualand JP1060 and Disassemble the movement.
From upper side of movement have 2 screws and other 2 screw from Circuit.
Please clean with clear Benzine and circuit cleaner.
You are Ready.
Please Enjoy The first Part of Citizen Aqualand Part1
I am Working Now to second Part Of This Video Assembly and Reset.I think Tomorrow Is on the Air.