Tissot T Touch Expert Battery Replacement & calibration

Dear Friends
Hi From Greece.Today i will post and explain how can we replace the Battery on Tissot Touch Expert.You can DIY and the level is Easy.
If you see another one video in my youtube channel about the change battery from Tissot Sea Touch you can see the practice for the repla ememt is same because the movements is really the same.
Many emails ask me to make a video from Tissot Touch Expert and I make it my friends.
The First you must see if the hands is calibrated.
For the example of my video the batt indicator is in warning condition in my Display,But there are many watches loose the calibration without this batt warning.
How can See if the battery is on the end without batt warning.
1)We press the Compass function and if this function dont work means the batt is on the end.And Why that?because the compass function needs more energy from the other Functions.
2)We push the middle button to activate the touch and touch the center of glass until the Opt.We push the middle button again to enter to Options.We Touch again the center until we see the function Sleep and we leave it for 10 sec to activate the sleep mode.
When the Sleep mode activated the display stop working and the hands show exactly 12 o clock.If one hand is not at the 12 o clock,then the Hands need calibration.
Please see The next video.

The Battery Replacement on Tissot Touch Expert

This is the most carefully step on replacememt of the battery.
And you must carefull with the cleaning of the case and the Gasket too.Because many watchmaker play only on the target to replace the battery and close the watch and give it to the customer.
On Everytime you open the watch you must clean with clear Benzin all the parts of the back case and leave it 3 minutes open.
For this Reason first clean the watch and then replace the battery.
When you finish the clean,replace or GHANGE the Gasket again with basylone silicone.(Read a previous post for this Silicone).
And Now is the time of Battery.
The watch have same movement with the Sea Touch and take the same Battery also.The battery is the Cr 2032 and personally i use only Maxwell on 3V lithium Batteries.(I will make a post about the batteries in the next days).
Replace the battery and dont touch any button until close the case.
And why the that.Because when push any button the watch will activate without the sensors.
Please continue and close the clean back case and install all the screws and you are ready.
Please enjoy the next video from my Youtube channell

The third part is the Reset and the Hands calibration or Synchro

In this part the watch must reset like a sea touch video.
You are going to the sleep mode
Middle button>activate the touch>touch the center>and touch until the sleep mode.
When you activate the sleep mode push the + button for 6 sec and the then the compass function.
The display is in the Factory reset and show if all the sensors working and the battery Level and in the last the reset.
When you finish with that you can synchro the hands
The syncronization start again from the middle button for Touch activation and touch the glass center until the mode 24h Cm.
In this Mode push the middle button for 5 sec and you are in synchro.
With + or – button you can set the minutes hand at 12 o clock.
When you finish with the minutes hand touch the center of Glass and now you can set the hours hand with + or -button to the 12 o clock.
When you do that push the middle button again the watch is Ready
Please enjoy the next Video.

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If your watch have problem with the touch or the sensors
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William Waldie Pocket Watch for Restoration

Hi Watchmakers and Watch Fans
I buy before 1 week a pocket watch in flea market in Athens a pocket watch.The Pocket watch made from watchmaker William waldie.The number of the watch is no200 and is hard for me to find something on internet.I try to restore it because all the parts is in Good Condition.


The case is Double and it is silver but the condition is Bad.The connector from the case to movement is broken and Case have some damages.The second case is in very good condition..



The Dial have some haircracks but the condition is good.
The hands is missing and I must find new.


The watch have good work if I proceed to restoration but first I want to learn for the watchmaker and if this collectible pocket watch.If the watch is from Simple watchmaker I resell it as parts.
Anyone have info about this watch4maker please send me info or leave a comment. Info@Watch4maker.com

Tissot Seastar 1000 Quartz Chronograph T066.417.11.047.00

Another Great Watch from Tissot now in Quartz Version.
The New Tissot Sea star Chronograph is Real.
The watch is the same with the automatic version but with changes in bracelet and the bezel.


The Dimensions of the new Tissot Seastar is 44.8 mm the in the bezel and the glass dimension is 340mm.The bezel is blue ceramic color and the Dial have the same color..The weight is 189 gr.


From the Date Disc in 4 I can tell you without open the watch have inside the Eta G10.711 movement.


In this Photo you can see the screw button of the watch and the screw crown.This protection gives the water resistant of 30 bar.

The price is very good money for value watch of this big brand name.
The label price is 560 Euro but I can make you a real good offer If you want to buy.The Offer is 470 Euro and 5 Euros for shipping.
The offer is for the Members of European Union.I can send it worldwide but I am not rersponsible for any Tax or Duties.

Other sources you can buy this watch. FOR THE US MARKET

The New Tissot Solar Touch T091.420.44.051.00

Tissot is the leader of watch industry of the watches from 200 until 1000 euros.One of the most popular is the touch series.This series are the best in this category worldwide.Tissot T Touch is a revolution watch but with many problems and for this reason make the exchange program with Tissot T Touch expert.Tissot T Touch expert is powerful watch with more functions from the first Tissot T Touch.
Tissot make a new model the New Tissot Solar Touch T091.420.44.051.00.With the first look the watch seems more like a Gadget or High tech watch and have miles from the optical line from the other Tissot T Touch watches.The watch is more bigger from Expert serious.The case dimension is 44.umm without the Buttons.(bezel dimension).


The dial surface is more bigger from the other Touch series and this make it from my opinion because the movement need real solar energy to charge the ML2016 capacitor.One of the new function of the watch is the capacitor level.And Continue with Matterial.The Solar Touch made from Titanium and PVD on bezel.( Physical Vapor Deposition).The Weigth of the watch with the bracelet is 122 gr.
In the steel watches is only the bracelet have this weight.


The New Tissot Solar Touch is first watch come with Matterial like aluminium.In the next month’s we can see new models from this Series from Aluminium with real amazing colors but all with rubber plastic.In the next months I will make new posts for these models from Aluminium.
What’s New on Functions
Let’s Start from 12 O clock.In Functions in all touch series is the meteo and the same is in the solar Touch.With 2 Functions.When you Choose the Meteo The watch come in the first Function of Meteo.


The first Function is the Rel.In the LCD you can see the REL means Relative pressure display in hAp.
If you touch the metro again you can see the function 2 is Abs.This mean Absolute Pressure Display in hPa.


In The 2 o clock in all Tissot Touch Series is The Altimeter.
The Altimeter in The New Tissot Solar Touch have 2 Functions.
The First is Altimeter Reading as all the Touch series of Tissot and show the Altimeter from the sea surface.
If you are near to Sea is the best to calibrate the Altimeter to 0 m.
You can calibrate from if you push the + button for 2 seconds and the you can calibrate to meters you want from + or – button.if you finish the calibration you can validate the setting With the middle button.
Function 2
This function is The Altimeter difference Reading.If you press the Altimeter touch one more time you can see in display an Chronometer.
If you start the chronograph every 2 sec the LCD Display change the display with data about chronograph meters per minute,difference meter from the first altimeter meter,about Vertical speed of ascent.
The Altimeter upgrade from Tissot and make it a perfect function.

In the 4 O clock we have the Chrono Function.
In Tissot Solar Touch this function have 2 Functions.
The first is lap chronograph time and The other is Split Chrono.
I think the most of the watch fans you know these functions from the watches.


The Compass in Solar Touch is the same with all watches of Tissot but now we have more data on Display at a rotation speed
of around 30° per second.


The New function is the Azimuth reading.The Azimuth is a real good tool for the people who need a real compass for Driving the Right Way.

The alarm is the same function with all touch series with 2 alarms.

The Countdown times is Great timer with measurement range 99days 23hours and 59 minutes and 59 sec.
You can edit with the time you want.
Just activate the touch and press the function at 11 o’clock.The press for 2 seconds the + button and edit the days hours minutes.
The Countdown works for Regatta reading time also.

The Center function is more reach from previous Tissot T Touch series.
If you activate the button of the touch
And press the center of the glass you can see:
Time 1
Time 2
And battery level.
The level of the battery or charge indicator in 3 position battery drained or flat means the capacitor is empty
1/3 means is charged 33%
2/3 means is charged 66%
And full battery.
If the battery charging time is 7 minutes under the sun the watch have power one day.
16 minutes from inside the home.
26 minutes With daylight with cloudy sky
2 hours of charge into daylight indoors
And 5 hours of charge under fluorescent light doors.

The last function of centre is the options
In the options you can see:
The swap is the mode you can switch from time 1 to time 2 when you are travel in other country or another geo zone.
Sync is the synchro from other Tissot touch series models.
Units is like previous models
Alarm weekend days selection is new
Beep on or off is the same with the previous version
Is something new.For this you need the map in manual

In the first you must select hemisphere.
Example.I am from Greece I choose North in the display nor.
The other is the local climate.
Other example for my place.I choose Mediterranean in the display is MEd.
The other symbol is tRo tropical, POL polar,Dry,

The other mode is ECO
ECO is like screensaver in monitor.
You can choose yes or no or auto.
With this mode you can save the battery in the night if the watch is not operated for 1 hour when the time 1 (swap time 1) is between 22:00 and 5:00
The watch deactivated and the analogue indicates the time 1
If you choose in ECO no the watch never switches back to energy saving mode.
With yes the standby mode is activated.
Is something like sleep in the previous touch series.

the label price of SOLAR TOUCH IS 990 Euro

I will make you a real good offer If you want to buy this watch.
The Payment is only PayPal and I can send it worldwide.

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Winder stuck On ETA 2824 on the Date Position

ETA 2824 – Winder stuck in calendar position.
Many times from many watches the winder stuck mostly from our mistake in the of assembly.Other times the customer makes the mistake and the winder stuck in the position of the date.Please look a great video how can you fix it.

Thanks Mark

Repair A Tissot Seatouch with Error

Hi My Friends Again

Tissot make a very good and Powerful watch But many pieces have problem with Log.This watch after 3 years of use start with Problems.

The family of Divers love of this watch and buy this watch but with this problems the divers come back to Citizen Aqualand and Suunto very Quick.

The cost of the Repair is from Swatch Group Service is 280 euro and many of the customers of tissot leave it unrepairable.

One of that unrepairable watch i try to repair it.The Problem of the watch for my opinion is the Zebrastrip with the Glass and the cirquit.

I remove it and i clean it and the watch working fine 5 days now.

Please Check my Video part 1 and in a few days i will show you the part 2

Edox Delfino Chronograph Repair and Polish

Before 2 Days I Receive a watch from Germany.The watch is in Bad condition with With Big Scratches in bracelet and Case.The movement is on good condition but the legs from the Dial was broken and make a damage in one hand.




I start from the hands removing and next I remove the Dial just to see if the day disc and have moisture under the Dial.The Dial have only one leg and the other is broken.I install the dial with Double stickers and install the Hands Again.


I Dissamble the Case and Bracelet and start The Polish and scratch Removing.


I polish first the one side of the bracelet just to see the difference,and then I polish all.





The Job is Finish and now we have a watch ready for use.
Thanks Mr Hans


If you want to send me your Watch for Repair just email me first