Tag Heuer Formula 1 Repair.

In This post I want to thanks Mr Emanuel From Stuttgart Germany send me his watch.
The watch is a Tag Heuer Formula 1 the old model.The watch never serviced and the Disc of Date have Damage inside with broken Part.


I have this part and I make very Good clean of the movement and with new oil and the watch is ready for use.With the service I change the battery and the Gasket.Mr Emanuel tell me the Gasket never changed for the day he buy this watch in 1992.




Thanks Again

If You want to send me your watch for service or Repair email me first

New Watchmaking Blog is Alive

The New adress is almost Ready and the new blog is alive.The Greekdimis.blogspot.com is on the past and never will be update it again.

The New face is the watch4maker.com

In the new Blog i will can make a new post about the watchmaking and technique how can you repair a watch.I will make posts with new watches have it in my hands.


If you want to contact with me my new email is info@watch4maker.com

New Adreess for My Blog

Dear Members
Today I am very Glad to tell you about the new Place of my Blog 
The New adress is www.watch4maker.com
I want to ask you and your opinion is very important for me 
Do you want this blog to change and make it forum or to keep as a blog.
I want your suggestions.
The blog is very good but i am intresting for the opinion and from the other watchmaker and Watch funs.
Anyone can contact with me or leave a comment in this post.
my email is grdimis@gmail.com