How can you Trimming & Installing a NATO Leather Strap

In this video you can see how can you Install and Trimming a Nato Strap.NATO straps is the Best for Divers Watch and for all Sports Watch.The most difficult is how to install this Strap.
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20 Pcs Lot NATO Straps Only 20$ with Free Shipping 1 Piece Nato Strap with Free Shipping Only 3.99$ National Flag Colors Nato Straps Only 3.99$ with Free Shipping National Flag Colors Nato Strap with Free Shipping Only 3.99$  
  The Payment is with ESCROW and The supplier take the Payment when you receive the Nato Strap in New Condition.The Best Wholesale Nato Strap Supplier I found and is the Best For Watchmakers.

Service A Movement Eta 955.112

A Great Video From Mark Lovick.You can make service a ETA 955.XXX series.This Model from ETA is most used Movment ever From Big Brand name until No name Brands.This Model Used from Tag Heuer Tissot Omega(all the swatch Group Brands),Gucci,Movado,Maurice Lacroix,And Many other Brands from Watch Industry.Many of watchmaker make the other Think.Replace the movement with a New and tell you make a service because this Great Movement is very cheap.
Personaly I have a very Good Weapon for this and for all watchmaker tools.I Search on EBAY.The only you need is read the number of the model from the down place of the Battery.The Video Have 2 Parts The First Part is the Part Of the Disassembly the Movement and The second Part is the part of Assembly and oiling the Movement.The Video Quality is Great and you can do all these steps perfect if You Follow Mark Lovick.
Many Watchmakers if the movement is damaged buy a Brand new change the Day Disc and install the new movement.You can find a brand new on Ebay ETA 955.112
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Part 1
                                                                         Part 2

Tag Heuer S/EL Battery Replacement

Today I have a Tag Heuer S/EL for Battery Replacement.I told in the previous Post the only one Secret is the cleaning.This model of Tag heuer needs very Good Cleaning before replace a new Battery.You must clean inside the crown very well and you need Put silicone inside the crown.The Back case of the watch needs cleaning before close the watch again for 2 more years.The Dirt is bad friend for waterproof on this Model

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Cleaning a Tag Heuer 2000 Classic Chronograph

A Great Watch from Big Brand.This is the best seller before the SEL series from Tag Heuer.This watch i receive it today.The watch have a problem with Dirt and Dust.The button is not working from the dirt.The same Problem have the Crown.And last i must replace the battery and reset the chrono.The video have 2 parts.The first is The Case Disassemble.And the Second is the cleaning and the Assembly of the Watch.
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