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ETA 955.114 Quartz watch movement replacement

Technical characteristics


11 lignes½ ‴

Height 2,50 mm

Diameter 25,60 mm

  • Hours, minutes, sweep second
  • Date, corrector
  • Stop device and interrupter
  • Battery End-of-Life display (E.O.L.)
  • 7 Jewels
  • Autonomy theoretic of battery :
    78 months (battery 40 mAh) or
    108 months (battery 55 mAh)

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The ETA 955.112 calibre is an 11½’’’ quartz movement displaying hours, minutes, with or without seconds in the centre and date.

This Movement is a replacement for Tag Heuer,Tissot,Raymond weil,Baume Mercier,Gucci,Hamilton,Sector and many Brands of the Swacth Group.If you want you can Replace this Movement from  ETA F series.

If you want to make a  service a movement  like this please follow the next Amazing Video of  Mark Lovick.

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Suunto Core All Black Military Digital Multi-Function Outdoor Watch

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Brand   Suunto
Gender   Men’s
MPN   SS014279010
Features   Altimeter, Backlight, Barometer, Compass, Date Indicator, Multiple Time Zones, Timer,
Movement   Quartz (Battery)
Water Resistance Rating   30 m (3  ATM)
Display   Digital
Watch Shape   Round
Case Material   Composite
Case Color   Black
Face Color   Black
Band Material   Elastometer
Band Color   Black
Case Size   49mm
Style   Sport
Age Group   Adult
Year of Manufacture   2010-Now


Video Review

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Fashion New Men’s Watch Luxury Stainless Steel Analog Quartz Sport Wrist Watches

One Of the Most fashion watch on the Internet.This watch for me is the Best Money for Value watch.If you send an emty letter somewhere in the world the cost is much bigger from this Watch.The Watch is with Free Shipping and
The Watch is with Free Shipping and the Features of the watch is very Good.The Movement as seller says in Japan  Quartz  Movement with Battery Included.The Glass in simple Mineral Glass.
The Dial is from Stanless steel and the Hands is Disc hands with Luminus Marks.

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The Straps made from Silica Gel and is very soft for the hands.The length is 25cm and the Strap width is 20mm.
The Case Size is 40mm
The weight of the Watch is 65Gr 

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In the next photos you can see all the colours of this excelent watch.The Cost is

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Parnis Sapphire Glass Ceramic Bezel GMT Automatic Mens Watch

Parnis Black Dial Sapphire Glass Ceramic bezel GMT automatic Watch

Today i am writing for One of the most famous watch in the World.The Watch is a copy of the famous GMT wirh Ceramic Basel like the Original.The Movement inside is the mingzhu 3804 Automatic (self-winding) GMT movement.


I check again the watch and i see the case made from 316L and polish is perfect like swiss made Watches.The Glass is  sapphire glass and the Dial is black dail with luminous marks.The Diameter is  40mm without the Crown.The Water Resistant is not the same with the Original but my opinion is to test in watchmaker shop if this watch is water resistant.The Parnis Company give the 3atm water resistance.

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Lets Go Inside

The Movement inside is mingzhu 3804 Automatic (self-winding) GMT movement.The first to learn who is Mingzhu Movement factory.This Factory is Guangzhou watch factory and mostly copy Citizen Miyota Movements.


The Bracelet made from  Solid 316L stainless steel and the quality is really Good

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43mm Parnis White Dial Power Reserve Seagull Automatic Movement Mens Watch P99B

Parnis P99B Power Reserve Idicator Watch.

Today i am writing for the cheapest power reserve watch in the world.i believe for this watch is very good to be true.But it is true.With  82 USD you can buy a watch Automatic with Seagull movement with power reserve.

I check again the watch and i see the case made from 316L and polish is perfect like swiss made Watches.The Glass is Mineral Glass and the Dial is Perfeck with relief Numbers.The Other side of the case is the Open Back with screw open.

Lets Go Inside

The Movement inside is Seagull 2542.This is very good movement and spefications are

The specifications of the 2542 is in the front have Small Seconds near from the 6 number of the dial and Power reserve indicator at 12 of the Dial number.The movement have 34 Jewels and the frequency is 28600 BPS.The power reserve indicator show the maximum 41 Hours But my opinion is 35 hours is very good for this movement.This Movement Diameter is 30.4 mm and the Thickness is 7.4mm.

The Strap comes in 3 colours.i cant have an opinion about the quality of the strap and i want to talk with people purchase this watch about the quality of the watch.Please dont hesitate to register and make your opinion about the watch.Thanks

About where you buy this watch.when you buy something on the internet and quality is not that you expect or maybe can be the best,the you can buy this only in the big platforms of Internet.Many Sellers send this watch from china and the watch maybe have Genuine problem or warranty problem.If you buy from Ebay you have the option to send it back or partial refund.In the other shops you must send it back for replacement.I see one of my customers and send for replacement and receive the New watch after 4 months.

The page i suggest you to buy this watch is from

Parnis P99B Link 1st Suggestion.

Parnis P99B Link 2nd Suggestion.



Watch Service Price

Hi My friends
I am Jeweller and Watchmaker 23 Years and now is time to write some thinks about the service price of the watches.
The Swiss watch industry have really big problem with this.There are many times I sold a watch from Swiss brand names and after 2 years when the warranty stop for this watch the customer is really on the Air about the service and the parts.
And why say That??
The Swiss brands stop sell parts to the watchmakers and if you want to repair your watch you can make it only in the official service center of the Brand name.The Swiss brand names see the profit Cheese but didnt see the trap.
I sold a watch before 4 years to one of my customers 390 Euros and now is the time of the service because the watch stop working.The official Service center ask from my Customer 190 euros without the shipping cost +20 Euros.
This is the 60% of the value of the watch and this situation is really Good.There is customer with 750 euro value watch and the service center ask 430 Euros.
The parts of Brands if you want to Change battery and need the official Hard Gasket the service must change all the Gasket kit including the Button and the glass o Ring.This cost 50 until 70 euros The Kit and 18 euros the battery replacement and the cost for some watches 10% until the 25% of the value of the watch.
The other is the Service.
You call it service but it isn’t.When someone send a watch in the official service you tell him service of the watch 250 euros.If the customer accept the price you make a movement Replacement and you send the watch with a new movement.The price of the movement cost to any watchmaker 15-30 euros and in some chronograph 40 euros.I accept you can make a profit But 210 euros difference is to big.
Dear CEO
Of the Swiss watch industry if you send your luxury car for service and want you 90000 euros for service I think you find bad idea to send it next time to the same service and you try to search another Service and pay 500 euros for service.This is an example for you.I hope you understand because the Times change and the solution for the customer of the beautiful Smartwatch with cost 25 euros until 200 euros with pedometer,compass,heart rate,Bluetooth and many more is ready to make the watch customers very Happy and forget the service prices of 300 euros.
Dear Mr CEO if your mind is to show profits to shareholders I think you are wrong and you must change direction to the best ways because you are in driver seat of 200 years brand and you must have respect to the history of the company and the customers.


Tissot PRS516 Automatic Chronograph T04.614.21.051.00

A Great Watch with Bracelet and with an option to buy with a leather strap.The Ref with Strap is T044.614.26.051.00.The Dial is Black but you can buy it in Silver White.The Silver white is only with bracelet and the Ref is T044.614.21.031.00.


imageThe Bazel is the classic of the history of PRS with Tachymetre and the Dial is Black with Silver Spots with Phosphorous in the Hours.The Hands Of hours and Minutes is Silver with phosphorous.The Seconds have red colour like all the PRS series of the history.


The Backcase is with Open Back just to see the famous Movement Of ETA 7750 Valjoux


The Material is Stainless Steel with PVD in Bezel.The Dimension of the case is 45mm and the Thickness is from Back case to Saphire Glass is 14.84mm.The Bracelet or the strap width is 22mm and the weight of the watch is 245gr for the bracelet option and 145gr is the Strap watch.


The price is very good money for value watch of this big brand name.
The label price is 1285 Euro but I can make you a real good offer If you want to buy.If you want to make you an Offer for this watch or from any other from Tissot Watch Collection  Contact with me .I can send it worldwide but I am not responsible for any Tax or Duties



Rado Diastar 129.0300.3 Battery Replacement

Another Great Watch From a Swatch Group Brand is Rado watches.
This Brand is famous for the uscratched bracelet and for ceramic Material use for the watches.Many Brands take the Rado ceramics for Bazel ceramics and Ceramic Crown and many other parts.
The watch of the Days is the Rado Diastar and thanks Mr Elio From Brussels send this watch for Battery Replacement.


I start Again With Cleaning and open the watch to see the inside the case condition.The movement is Good Condition but I think in the next 5-7 years need a very good service.


The Watch have many dust on back case and many from outside case and I must clean it.


The case is ready and the new Battery replaced the movement is in working condition and the watch is ready for close and ready for use.


The Battery replaced and the watch is ready for shipping to brussells again.


Vacheron Constantin 25040 Battery Replacememt

Hi From Greece Again
Today a special watch need a battery replacement.Vacheron Constantin 25040 is a lady watch made from 750 Gold or 18K.
Is a very beatyfull watch and need extra care when you replace the battery.


The first is clean the watch before you open the backcase and with a small screwdriver open the screws.This is the most carefull step because with the screwdriver you can make scratches or damages on the backcase or you can destroy the screw heads.


Remove the screws and clean it with clear benzin,and continue with open case remove.Before you remove the back case please remove the strap from the case.


Now we are ready for the second part.And this is cleaning cleaning again and again.
Now i am cleaning the case and the place of o ring gasket.


I finish with cleaning and i just install the Gasket with the baysilone and i continue with the battery replacement.
In watch like this watchmakers dont play with the quality of batteries and replace with the best battery on the market.
Personally i work only with Energizer.The empty battery is Energizer and the battery for this movement of Vacheron Constantin cal 1202 is the Energizer 321.


I remove the old battery and the battery is very old.Some bAtteries brands when the battery is empty have little oxid liquid and if you forget to change the battery loose this oxid into the movement.


Now is last Part of the Battery replacement,and this is the most carefully step.


Intall the back case with the gasket carefully on the case of the watch install all screw in X position and the watch is Ready for use.
Thanks Ms Maria from Athens for the trust this watch for Battery Replacememt.If you want to send me your watch for Battery Replacement my email is




Tissot T Touch Expert Battery Replacement & calibration

Dear Friends
Hi From Greece.Today i will post and explain how can we replace the Battery on Tissot Touch Expert.You can DIY and the level is Easy.
If you see another one video in my youtube channel about the change battery from Tissot Sea Touch you can see the practice for the repla ememt is same because the movements is really the same.
Many emails ask me to make a video from Tissot Touch Expert and I make it my friends.
The First you must see if the hands is calibrated.
For the example of my video the batt indicator is in warning condition in my Display,But there are many watches loose the calibration without this batt warning.
How can See if the battery is on the end without batt warning.
1)We press the Compass function and if this function dont work means the batt is on the end.And Why that?because the compass function needs more energy from the other Functions.
2)We push the middle button to activate the touch and touch the center of glass until the Opt.We push the middle button again to enter to Options.We Touch again the center until we see the function Sleep and we leave it for 10 sec to activate the sleep mode.
When the Sleep mode activated the display stop working and the hands show exactly 12 o clock.If one hand is not at the 12 o clock,then the Hands need calibration.
Please see The next video.

The Battery Replacement on Tissot Touch Expert

This is the most carefully step on replacememt of the battery.
And you must carefull with the cleaning of the case and the Gasket too.Because many watchmaker play only on the target to replace the battery and close the watch and give it to the customer.
On Everytime you open the watch you must clean with clear Benzin all the parts of the back case and leave it 3 minutes open.
For this Reason first clean the watch and then replace the battery.
When you finish the clean,replace or GHANGE the Gasket again with basylone silicone.(Read a previous post for this Silicone).
And Now is the time of Battery.
The watch have same movement with the Sea Touch and take the same Battery also.The battery is the Cr 2032 and personally i use only Maxwell on 3V lithium Batteries.(I will make a post about the batteries in the next days).
Replace the battery and dont touch any button until close the case.
And why the that.Because when push any button the watch will activate without the sensors.
Please continue and close the clean back case and install all the screws and you are ready.
Please enjoy the next video from my Youtube channell

The third part is the Reset and the Hands calibration or Synchro

In this part the watch must reset like a sea touch video.
You are going to the sleep mode
Middle button>activate the touch>touch the center>and touch until the sleep mode.
When you activate the sleep mode push the + button for 6 sec and the then the compass function.
The display is in the Factory reset and show if all the sensors working and the battery Level and in the last the reset.
When you finish with that you can synchro the hands
The syncronization start again from the middle button for Touch activation and touch the glass center until the mode 24h Cm.
In this Mode push the middle button for 5 sec and you are in synchro.
With + or – button you can set the minutes hand at 12 o clock.
When you finish with the minutes hand touch the center of Glass and now you can set the hours hand with + or -button to the 12 o clock.
When you do that push the middle button again the watch is Ready
Please enjoy the next Video.

Thanks for Coming to my Blog and any comment is acceptable
If your watch have problem with the touch or the sensors
Please dont hesitate to contact with me.